Unique Transport Inc. understands that every customer is different, so we make it our priority to customize the right solution for your unique individual needs. We are prepared for everything and we will make sure that you get a top-notch transportation in order to complete your job most efficiently.



Unique Transport will help you with all of your Supply Chain needs. We offer a multitude of solutions such as brokerage, intermodel, power only, final mile, freight management, and more!



Our team is using the EDI technology to provide the latest updates for your shipment. We are dedicated on moving your freight the fastest, safest and the most efficient way.


Dedicated services

Unique Transport can also provide a complete private fleet solution. Fleet solutions vary by customer. We have friendly experts on staff to help customers make the right choice for their operations.



Delivering the products you sell is our priority. You can be certain our professional drivers will represent you well.

Safety for everyone

At Unique Transport Inc. we are committed to safety. You will find it at every level of our organization. We have a solution to any safety concerns that you have. Our drivers are going trough background screening, drug testing and extensive safety training because safe drivers are not born, they are trained. We constantly updating our drivers about the latest DOT regulations. As a sign of appreciation, we provide clean inspection bonuses to encourage our drives to maintain safety on the roads for themselves and for everyone else on the road.